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The Effects of Weed in Your Garden and How to Prevent It


Alta Sierra Pest Control offers you weed control for your property. We have been servicing Folsom and Granite Bay and the surrounding areas for more than 28 years. Weed seeds are so prevalent because they are easily transportable by wind, water, animals, lawn or garden equipment and soil amendments. Weeds not only harm the health of your grass and hedges, but they also bring in different pests and insects that will feed off of them. It is crucial to your landscape to have the weeds removed and controlled. If you see weeds in your yard, Alta Sierra Pest Control can take care of them for you. Call us at (916) 987-9144 or (916) 791-7928 today for a free estimate.
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Alta Sierra Pest Control provides preventative maintenance services as well as solutions to weeds that are already present in your yard. Our team uses high-quality materials and formulas to eradicate weeds from your property. Alta Sierra Pest Control experts can recognize the different types of weeds and the best way to rid your lawn of them. Whether your yard has been overrun with annual, perennial or biennial weeds, Alta Sierra Pest Control can take care of these weeds in a timely manner, giving your lawn the ultimate protection.


Alta Sierra Pest Control has been getting rid of all kinds of pests for over 15 years, whether you have insects, rodents or weeds. If you want to be proactive before the weeds set in, or if you have weeds that need to be removed, our team can handle the job. If you live in the Folsom and Granite Bay area, call Alta Sierra Pest Control today at (916) 987-9144 or (916) 791-7928 today for a free estimate.