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Professional Eco-Friendly Pest Control

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THERMAL DEATH TEMPERATURE for Bed Bugs is 120 degrees. Achieving and maintaining this level of heat for several hours is the key to killing these bugs in attached housing situations. However, done incorrectly, chemicals and/or heat can also simply displace these pests into deeper harborages, or worse yet, into your neighbors home! At Alta Sierra Pest Control we know how these bugs work and how our treatments affect their activity. Our tried and true methods are geared specifically to anticipating and addressing the activity of these bugs and putting an
end to the infestation.

NO BUG LEFT BEHIND, because all it takes is one pregnant female to cause a huge problem. Bed Bugs have recently exploded back on the scene in our area.

In some respects many pest control companies are very new to this pest and many are still trying to treat them with traditional chemical applications only, unaware that these pests are highly adept at developing a chemical resistance. Although sometimes traditional chemical applications alone will appear to lessen the problem, in reality they usually only disperse the Bugs into deeper harborages
to continue reproducing.

We adhere to National Pest Management Association Best Practices offering an Integrated Pest Management approach in every treatment we do. If you think you have Bed Bugs and have seen signs such as small blood spots on your bed linens or tiny, round reddish brown bugs, don’t waste time while they continue pro-creating, call us immediately! By the time you notice them biting you, you may well be on your way to a full blown infestation.

THIS IS WHY YOU MUST ACT QUICKLY when a single Bed Bug is found. Within 2-3 months of the beginning of an infestation you can calculate hundreds of additional Female Bed Bugs reproducing in your home.


  • Proactive Chemical Applications
  • Chemical Formulations
  • Heat or Steam Treatments
  • Clutter Removal
  • Fumigation
  • Vacuuming
  • Dusts


  • Staff Education & Training for Commercial Customers
  • Preventative Mattress Encasements
  • Post Treatment Canine Inspections
  • Monitoring Devices & Servicing
  • Pro-Active Canine Inspections
  • Pro-Active Visual Inspections